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Architectural type: Townhouse
Construction type: Load-bearing structure in XLAM wood
Energetic class: A4
Location: Bisenti (TE) - Italy
Architectural design: POMPONI ASSOCIATI SRL

The Location

The residential complex Solaria will be built in Bisenti in the province of Teramo, a few minutes from the historic center of the town. This small town is one of the 5 wonderful hillside villages located in the upper part of one of the most beautiful valleys of Abruzzo region: the Valle del Fino.

The Valle del Fino

The Location of the
Solaria Residential Complex

The Project

The residential complex will consist of 5 independent residential units spread over 2 floors and the project is designed to offer homes equipped with the highest standards in terms of safety, comfort, energy saving and sustainability.


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Each house has a separate entrance and has on the ground floor a living area with entrance, a large living room dining area, kitchen and a bathroom.
The sleeping area upstairs consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small hallway and large terraces. In addition, each house has a parking garage, private garden and porch.
The houses have a splendid panoramic view towards the Gran Sasso and the Apennines chain. The large terraces on the first floor and the porches on the ground floor facing south, allow you to enjoy it fully in all seasons.
The layout of the volumes allows wide sunshine to all the homes and the creation of protected porches. Solaria project does not forget the context in which it was born and is inserted, by strong roots in the territory. The stylistic canons of the villas, in fact, take up the brick curtain typical of historical tradition. The planimetric and volumetric layout is tided up and sewn together by a white wing that houses the porches on the ground floor and the terraces on the first floor are a reminder of the urban galleries of the historic centers.
Solaria, with its outdoor “living spaces” is the ideal place to live in peace. The residences, overlooking the street front with its porches, spacious and bright terraces and garden, make Solaria a complete residential project that embodies the concept of quality of contemporary living.
Below is the detail of all the plans of the real estate units. It should be noted that during the design and construction stages, the layout of masonry and furnishings, which are always excluded from the sale price, could undergo slight modifications to improve. Therefore, layouts, information, images and diagrams in these illustrations are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute contractual elements.


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The Building System

The construction system used for the construction of Solaria residential complex will be XLAM; these are Nordic spruce solid wood laminated panels with ETA (European Technical Assessment) certification coming from forests with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) chain of custody certification.
Due to their structural and design characteristics, the buildings built with XLAM panels are designed to withstand severe static and dynamic external actions.
A house made of XLAM is designed to withstand very high magnitude seismic events, without damage. This feature has been scientifically demonstrated through tests carried out within the SOFIE project directly by CNR-IVALSA. The same project demonstrated, by the simulation of a violent fire, that a building made of XLAM has a very high fire resistance, preserving its mechanical properties and leaving its load-bearing structure unchanged, without causing any serious danger to the occupants, maintaining performances comparable to those of buildings built with traditional systems.

Seismic Test Video Test – CNR IVALSA

Fire Test Video – CNR IVALSA

Below is the detail of all the project stratigraphies. Information, images and diagrams in these illustrations are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute contractual elements.


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The plant engineering system

The design of the plant system plays a key role in the Solaria project. Our wooden houses comply with all the current regulations on the subject and in particular the Renewable Energy Sources Decree no. 28/11 which provides, in case of new buildings, for the integration of the plant system used with renewable energy sources. Our customers can choose, at their discretion, between 2 alternative plant solutions, both integrated with a CMV (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) system and a photo-voltaic system of 3 kWp, both capable of assigning to all housing units A4 energy class:


Integrated solution for an energetically independent building, totally electric, without Gas and without CO2 emissions, which uses controlled mechanical ventilation not only for the air exchange but also for the distribution of heating and cooling through a heat pump. The system extracts free energy from the outside air to convert it into heating, cooling and domestic hot water, always guaranteeing filtered and clean air, ensuring maximum living comfort.


Floor Radiant System, A4 Energy Class, equipped with a latest generation hybrid heat pump heating, cooling and producing domestic hot water by an indoor condensation unit, an outdoor condensing unit and a controlled mechanical ventilation system (CMV).
The indoor unit is equipped with a condensation generator and an integrated hydronic module managing the exchange of energy between the cooling circuit and the system water circuit. Thanks to the integrated electronic board, the system sets the operating priority between indoor unit and heat pump according to the climatic conditions in order to obtain the best performance throughout all seasons.