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Construction of New Buildings Thanks to the important know-how acquired over many years of presence on the market, today the company is able to follow the entire construction process of the building, from the works of excavation to the final testing inspection. Each stage of the process is carried out with crafted workmanship and in full compliance with current regulations in terms of safety and manufacturing quality.
Restructuring Due to the high craftsmanship content of the processes, undoubtedly, the core business of the company is represented by the maintenance and renovation of any type of civil, commercial and industrial building. Within this context, the company assists its customers in complying with the various regulations concerning tax deductions due on renovation and energy saving works.
Energy re-qualification The company carries out energy re-qualification of public and private buildings. Energy re-qualification of the building means the implementation of a series of technological and managerial interventions that allow buildings to obtain a better quality of performance from the point of view of efficiency, optimizing the energy flows between the building system (structure and installations) and the external environment.
Green Building The catastrophic earthquakes that in recent years have hit Central Italy have redefined design concepts, construction techniques and the use of materials. Due to its intrinsic structural characteristics, wood has become one of the materials at the heart of these new scenarios. Its undisputed technical properties make this material a constructive element increasingly used in the design of new structures or in the redevelopment of existing ones.
Earth moving and demolition The company uses state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to carry out demolition, excavation and earth-moving works. By way of example, the company provides earthwork and leveling services, excavations of all sizes, sewerage systems, rubble removal and demolition of civil and industrial buildings.
Anti-Seismic engineering The application of FRP fiber-reinforced composite materials (carbon, glass, UHTSS steel and aramid fibers used for the production of fabrics, plates and pultruded bars, reinforcement grids, anchoring systems, structural adhesives, mortars and grouts) represents the most advanced technological solution for static consolidation, structural reinforcement and regeneration, seismic improvement and adaptation.

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